Samoa MP warns of black market turkey tails

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Samoa MP warns of black market turkey tails

A Member of Parliament in Samoa has warned the government of a commercial black market for turkey tails.

The MP for Faleata West, Leala'ilepule Rimoni Aiafi, raised concerns over the lifting of a ban on importing turkey tail meat for personal consumption.

Leala'ilepule said the ban had resulted in reports of turkey tails being sold in the black market.

The sale of turkey tails is banned in Samoa because of the food's contribution to non-communicable and lifestyle diseases.

75 percent of the calories from turkey tails come from fat.

Leala'ilepule told parliament last week the government should consider once again allowing the food's commercial importation.

However, he said this should be accompanied by an awareness campaign on healthy and safe ways to cook the tails.

Source: Google News Turkey | Netizen 24 Turkey

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