Letter: Cowardly disgrace in Finland

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Letter: Cowardly disgrace in Finland

Let’s talk about this joke that took place in Finland July 16 (news stories, Tuesday-Saturday). What a disgrace.

Every person who wore a uniform in defense of the freedoms of America was crapped on by Donald Trump. Reporters asked tougher questions than Trump.

As I have said before and will stand my ground: This (so-called) man (Trump) is a coward and a disgrace to the democracy of this country.

“America First,” the slogan of the Trump party, was just shoved down the throats of who? I hope someone besides the Russians got Trump’s tough message. I don’t know why Trump didn’t just go ahead and kiss Putin and tell him they are new best buddies. He stood in front of the world stage and sucked up and cowered down to the enemy that attacked our democracy. Trump trashed our country and believed Putin over our own Department of Justice. How special can this seem to Trump’s base and the Russians?

I will ask this question now, because it is an appropriate time. I am asking this as an American, not a Republican or Democrat. How does it feel to know that our president threw our country under the bus? If you are not offended by what happened with the summit with Putin, you got what you voted for in your man Trump.

Ken Schuler, Gladewater

Source: Google News Finland | Netizen 24 Finland

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