Play of the Match: Finland team wipes South Korea at Rialto

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Play of the Match: Finland team wipes South Korea at Rialto

In a match that could have gone either way, it was Finland who came out of the clash with South Korea looking the most impressive, despite losing the series. Team Finland were very close to being the first team to defeat South Korea in the World Cup group stage and it’s because of their excellent team work and coordination.

Rialto was an important map for Finland, because they needed to secure a win there to send the series into a game five tiebreaker. Knowing that they had to deliver, Finland pulled out all the stops to ensure they’d walk away with all three points on their offense round.

The most impressive play of the match, came right at the tail end of the round when Finland was facing overtime. South Korea was applying the pressure, and they’d already won multiple team fights outside of Point C. It was then that Taimou switched back to Sombra, a hero that he’d switched to and from multiple times throughout the map. As the brutal team fight was commencing, LiNkzr (as Zarya) planted himself on the payload whenever the opportunity presented itself, inching it further towards the door.

Meko and Carpe managed to catch some picks on LiNkzr and BigGoose, forcing Finland to back up near their spawn. This is where the setup for the big moment occurred. South Korea pushed forward to the choke point in front of the footbridge. Taimou flanked behind them, cautiously building up his EMP. It was Fate who set off a chain of ultimate abilities as he laid his Earthshatter down, hoping to prevent LiNkzr’s Graviton Surge. Libero followed up with a Barrage but only managed to take out Fragi.

With two of South Korea’s ultimates out the way, LiNkr popped his Graviton Surge, trapping the bulk of South Korea’s team while Taimou set off his EMP. In this split second, Zappis had also launched his Self-Destruct into the air and with the EMP in effect, t here was no way that Korea’s tanks to attempt to pad the damage. This lead to an epic five man instant kill, with the fifth casualty being Meko’s mech. LiNkzr finished Meko, and Shaz finished Ark to confirm the full team wipe.

This left Point C wide open for Team Finland to finish the round in overtime. They also went on to win Rialto on defense, after some interruptions in the broadcast.

With South Korea getting so close to the final point on their offense round, if Zappis and his teammates hadn’t made this epic play, then the series could very well have ended at Rialto. South Korea did eventually win this series right at the last second on Ilios, but Team Finland are definitely ones to keep an eye on throughout the Overwatch World Cup.

Source: Google News Finland | Netizen 24 Finland

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