Play of the Match: Team Finland seals the deal against Hong Kong on Temple of Anubis

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Play of the Match: Team Finland seals the deal against Hong Kong on Temple of Anubis

Team Hong Kong already had their fair share of troubles earlier in the day. Unable to take a single map off Team Russia in their debut, Hong Kong lost all hopes for a victory in their first series when they were unable to put together a map completion on Temple of Anubis. Things didn’t get much better for Hong Kong against a heavily favored Team Finland.

Already down 0-2 and hoping to turn things around, Hong Kong once again found themselves needing a victory on the Egyptian map as they came out of halftime. Finland had been in total control through the first two maps with Davin having a stellar performance on Widowmaker, and their tank line outclassed their Hong Kong counterparts with ease. In the second half, Hong Kong would need to solve the Widowmaker problem for the team to have any sort of chance at a victory.

Unfortunately, even with Davin coming ou t, there was no dropoff in the dominance of Team Finland. Taimou came in as a replacement and it was now his turn in the shooting gallery. Behind Taimou’s Widowmaker play and their exceptional front line, Finland was able to execute a full hold during Hong Kong’s attack run, setting up a clear and easy win condition for the map.

With Taimou hitting shots on Hong Kong’s tanks, and Zappis and Fragi cleaning up, it was all over in the blink of an eye. It took a single push and less than a minute for Finland to seal the deal and put themselves up 3-0 in the series. The final map, Rialto, was slightly more competitive but was still dominated by a Finland team that looked poised and focused.

Hong Kong now falls to 0-2, which may be an insurmountable hole to climb out of when they still have to play against South Korea and Japan later in the stage. Meanwhile, Finland looks as good as promised and we will see them vie for the top seed when they take on So uth Korea later today. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is for sure, when Team Finland is locked in, they look like a team that should be headed to BlizzCon to compete for the championship.

The featured image for this post was provided by Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

Source: Google News Finland | Netizen 24 Finland

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